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Welcome to Sudbury’s Number 1 Personal Shopping Network. We personally shop for you. You choose which grocery store we shop at. We will Shop Any Store in Sudbury & Surrounding Areas. Order For Your Friends and Family Across Canada. Need a Custom Errand Run? Give us a Call Today. The Solution to All of Your Personal Shopping Needs. Sudbury’s Easy to Use, Helpful and Convenient Personal Shopping Service. Place your order from 9am to 5pm, order today and we shop and delivery the following day or a day of your choosing, by phone, by email, or through our website. Delivery times are from;10am to 2pm or 12pm to 4pm or 2pm to 6pm Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Payment at the door, payment options,cash, debit,credit card,email transfer. We consider all recommendations presented by Health Canada during this COVID Crisis!

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Our prices are subject to change.

The Grocery Guy Prices

# Upto $50 of groceries $50.01-$100 of groceries $100.01-$125 of groceries $125.01-$150 of groceries $7 fee for each additional stop.
1 $25 delivery fee... $30 delivery fee. $35 delivery fee. $40 delivery fee. Every $25 increment of groceries increases deliver fee by $5

Please Note, For a business, shopping and delivery is priced different, call office for pricing.

$7 fee for each additional stop. + $5 Costco Shopping.

Smiths Market Basket and Tray $19.75 Sudbury area, including Garson.Contact office for surrounding areas.

For Curbside pick ups and online grocery store pick-ups. We require,24 hour notice. Pick up times, after 2pm to 6pm.Delivery fee's.up $50 of groceries $25 delivery fee.From $50.01-$300 of groceries $30 delivery fee.

Contact us for your Events Catering delivery.

Please Note: when The Grocery Guy began, Gasoline was 98.9 cents per litre. Presently the gasoline prices are fluctuating from $1.90/litre-$2.20/litre. This causes our prices to go up. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

 Thank you for using the Grocery Guy.

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